Glutathione Injectable


10mL per Bottle



10mL per Bottle

Glutathione (GSH), often referred to as ‘the master antioxidant,’ participates not only in antioxidant defense systems, but many metabolic processes, and therefore its role cannot be overstated. GSH deficiency causes cellular risk for oxidative damage and thus as expected, GSH imbalance is observed in a wide range of pathological conditions including tuberculosis (TB), HIV, diabetes, cancer, and aging.

Do More, Age Less

  • Leader of the body’s antioxidant defense system

  • Reduces cellular degeneration caused by aging & stress

  • Lessens free radical damage linked to degenerative diseases

  • Shown to reduce chronic inflammation

  • Supports a healthier immune system

  • Administered subcutaneously up to 5x per week

  • Natural GSH supply is limited and declines with age & stress

  • Poor lifestyle habits & environmental factors (e.g. pollution) accelerate rate of decline

  • Depleted levels linked to neurodegenerative, pulmonary & cardiovascular diseases

  • Helps eliminate toxins, protect cells & restore general health/wellbeing

  • More effective than oral forms that have low bioavailability

  • More cost effective & convenient than IV infusions

  • Routinely tested for purity & potency, unlike OTC brands